Wow you guys are annoying.

5 11 2009

Right ill try to stay on my blog ok? But i have a few twsts then my big January exam soon


Im quiting

24 10 2009

guys seriously ive tryed but im also

Duh duh dada duh duh dada uh oh! Muppet

17 10 2009

Is back with a new blog well not a blog i mean website the new address is plz visit

Sorry guys

6 10 2009

My blog is freezed coz i have school and homeworks but i dont go on my pc to much now so i cant blog too much so my blog is freezed untill holidays
sorry guys but come back for halloween 😉
Sadly Muppet out

Pterrys bday!

4 10 2009

I was there fo a wee whileand it was fun. but this is what webo said
Pterry’s birthday was today and boy was it a memorable occasion! We had quite an extensive list of guests that came by for the festivities today. Rex came by to say hello to everyone at the beginning. Our good friend Primary Games even showed up to wish Pterry a happy birthday! Flyboy and Cruiser came in soon after, followed by Stretch.

The biggest special guest of the evening was our good buddy Pterry. He made a ton of friends once he got to the island, and he is really excited to come back for more fun times.

After partying it up at Buckland’s Peak, Stretch and Pterry headed to Webo Ridge were they totally ruled at Snowball Skirmish. I think it is safe to say that Pterry is the new Snowball Skirmish champion. He even made a trip to the laboratory to do some experimenting (but it sort of ended with an explosion).

Everyone will be happy to know that anyone who came for the party today will be receiving a Pterry birthday cake of their very own for their caves!

Thanks to all who came out, it made Pterry happy and we’re always glad to see you on the island. Until next time, keep bluggin!


2 10 2009

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Angry Muppet

2 10 2009

Pffft better is it better huh? WeLL why is it so bad muppets back and on to wordpress coz blogspot was meant to be simple but is very hard for me and every time i do something it says page not found and end up tearing up my screen so muppets back so Pterry is caoming to town for his bday so lets get rockin